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Not all websites are created equally. Have a look at some of the awesome websites I have developed and designed

Green Spectrum Solutions

This is a WordPress WooCommerce website hosted on AWS infrastructure for scalability, speed, and security. It is an online store that sells solar panels and related products through this website.

Rocket Tags

Rocket Tags is a Python-Django based website set up on the AWS infrastructure. It has four microservices interacting with each other. A Jenkins CI/CD pipeline automates the entire deployment process. It uses AWS services like ec2, load balancer, route53, ACM, and others.

Practical Innovation (AUT)

This is a WordPress website hosted on AWS infrastructure for scalability, speed, and security. The website will be further enhanced with WooCommerce features to sell online courses.

Better Start Approach

It is a SquareSpace website. The website incorporates carefully designed monitoring assessments focused on critical early skills known to influence reading success.

Wanaka Water Taxi

This is a WordPress website owned by a local tourist company in Wanaka. The website aims to sell its services online and furnish its users with information about Wanaka and places to visit there.

IT Services New Zealand

ITSNZ was initially a Python-Django-based website which was later designed using WordPress. The website is hosted on AWS infrastructure using resources like EC2, load balancer, route53, ACM, etc.

Smart Call NZ

This is a WordPress based website. The entire website is in Chinese and has dynamic functionalities like login, register, account management, and others.

Smart Kiwis Connect

Smart Kiwis Connect is a WordPress based blogging website. It presents its readers with Power BI analyzed data and facts to throw light on political, environmental, social, and other issues in New Zealand.

New Zealand Forest Surveys

This is a WordPress based website. New Zealand Forest Surveys aims to spread awareness and information regarding forests and ecological surveys in NZ.

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